Autumn 2013


Those five minute long stops in between- annoys me and my coffee- not being enjoyed. I feel shortage in everything today- breath, time, money, positive thought. And that undefined something else...

I feel bad. About something I didn't do. Or didn't do well enough...

'Excuse me, Miss? Is it a feeling of guilt you want to play around with, again?? The same guilt, which you sorted and burred one of the first ones to forever amen? This is an indication for confusion in your mind, waist of time and possible need to check on a calibration expiry date...'- inner dialogue I am forced to hear...

No, I do not want to play with the ghosts--------


'Nothing cures a heavy heart better than a heavy shopping bag'- philosophy I put into test in those situations of imaginable hopelessness, as I call them.

Friday the thirteen scans my mind and my pocket, of course... :)

Time/no time/go.

by Brigita Stasun