Autumn 2013


I approached Master of acupuncture today. 'Does our thinking influence our physical health?'- so I asked. He replied- 'no, no, no'- and appointed his eyes towards door... But I am the one, which does not take 'no' for an answer- especially the triple one! I asked him gently again, to explain me the principle acupuncture stands for. My experiences tells me, that sticking a needle to a certain points in a body- stimulates, activates or flushes down something, what has to be stimulated, activated or flushed down at that time- to regain a physical balance. When you physically balanced- your mind balances also. 'And vice versa- isn't that true?'- I go on- 'Is it not simply energy, cultivating through?'. I follow the principle of the Holy Trinity- body, mind and Soul- here too... 'You really want to know??'- Master is a little annoyed, I can feel... I understand that this topic is way too vast for those three spare minutes he has in between me and his next client, which is already here- in a waiting room. But I close the door and stand firm- consultation was promised- hey, eighty euro a session Master's charges are for!

So here it comes- in a minimal knowledge of English language and a shortest context available, catch--------

'Yes, ok, energy- yes. Parents energy'- he points to the right side of a body- 'Food and drink energy'- to the left. 'Imagine you are a car. Mind is your engine. And you need to put oil to go'- he paths me on the shoulder and smiles- 'Your engine is ok'- and opens the door...

The 'oil' part I am left to figure out by myself...


'When you are master of your body, word and mind, you shall rejoice in perfect serenity.' (Shabkar)


Today, I am praying for extra help... And waiting for the instructions to follow. Tough time- not enough oil to fill up my 'parents' side, I can feel... And so I overload myself with questions--------

Am I ok?

Do I feel my body?

What does it tells me?

Where is the leak?


... and so on... this goes on...

by Brigita Stasun