Autumn 2013


'Eduardo Paolozzi was a major figure in an international Art sphere, working on his own interpretation and vision of the world. He investigated how we can fit into the modern world through imagination and fantasy. By the dramatic ideas of his work he lets us see the confusion as well as an inspiration. Eduardo believed that all human experience is one big collage...'


Shin shadows

Secret house of shame

Justice of the sun

Minutes crawled.

Something was dead in each of us

Monstrous parasite

Impotent despair

Crystal of the dream.


You look upon-

Sacred hell

(fear- grey?)

Bleed in vain

Eats the heart away

Spirit weeps

Bricks of shame...

Heavy gate

Enjoy the old and grey

Lust in dust-


The man have killed the thing he loved

and so he had to die.



(... collage from Oscar Wilde's 'Prison Writings')

by Brigita Stasun