Autumn 2013


That stuffiness! Even in the air... The sense of being insignificant again! It is with me and all around me...

-------- Heaviness of the relationships--------


Should we contemplate true feelings in every close relationship?

What do we call- being close?

Close = Significant?

Conflict = Leaving?


The last is definitely the one I have to contemplate about in my own empty space...


Bebop titillates the pit of my stomach swirling all sorts of energy inside. Will we be able to take our friendship to the next level, my FRIEND?- I search around for a cookie... Green tea, instead of a coffee, still feels ok :)

My little town entangled in the cobwebs of an autumn... So beautiful, but still a shadow... Contrary is the beauty...

'That is what happens in an absence of fun!'- I reach a thought behind. 'Or, maybe, all this is not that significant as long as you are significant to yourself?'


In the end- I love you all! I truly do. And that is very significant feeling!

Occupy your mind with the Light, joy and that lasting lasting feeling of summer's breeezzze... And, please, do not rush, my precious girl- everything will disentangle at its own paste, space and significant others...


Bartender brings me a cookie...

Briga Saulė, 2011

Briga Saulė, 2011

by Brigita Stasun