Autumn 2013


I come to an end of the cycle... Feels good. And good always means right. For the first time I clearly understand what the experience of the cycle is...

This end leads to beginning of the next chapter of my life--------


The treats you asked for, sugar!

Now smile and go to get yourself those blinds, sofa, projector, those Dr Martens boots, that yellow cardigan, renovate your bathroom, pay a visit to Dali- you so love, and all those other etc's you lately dreamed of!!


The Law of Attraction in place- no effort ever goes unnoticed- 'What you saw is what you reap.'


Briga Saulė, 2013

Briga Saulė, 2013

Today's green (tea, hehehe) is boiled in the book shop's cafe. Around the books I always feel warm. And warmly sad- for today...

'Money cannot buy you happiness'- comes in fact. At the very interesting time, I have to say.

'Fitness and Diet' book shelf I gaze upon...

by Brigita Stasun