Autumn 2013


That day has come- 'Baboro' and its 'Cloud Man'!

Do I believe in a Cloud Man? The one, who makes and minds the clouds...

Well, my inner child does, hehe.


Orange candle in my bag, orange smoothie in my hand- an orange time, smile!

One two three- where are we?

Outside the theatre of our town I meet Bruno- an Italian- director of children's theatre. He treats me with wide Italian smile, an Italian rollie, 'La Vita e Bella' and his 'Dots'. Dots and their friends- Shapes- stimulated my imagination in a few different ways. Funky, colourful and a little crazy. Blend of 'full' and 'lacking'. Very 'memento' performance- in full collaboration with an autumn! Another little bliss to my orange time, which I pleasurably share with myself, you and everybody around!

Another green day- full of sunshine, beautiful children and their laughter...


My perfect 'Tea Room' has adopted fake orchids... Not so impressed, no. Everybody and everything is full and lacking of someone or something... And that is a fun part for my ignited dotty imagination at work :)

Plus- I am in the position to observe- once again...

Zita looks like Alanis Morissette today... I wonder if she is in the position to SEE... (Carlos Castaneda has his spell on me)


Ah, how do I stay and go at the same time??

'Human Child' was wrapped in wonder, amusement, consideration, an amazing stage production and clouds of white feathers! What a gift!! I clapped my hands standing- bravo, guys!!

Briga Saulė, 2013

Briga Saulė, 2013

by Brigita Stasun