Autumn 2014


Homework for the writers class on a theme 'Small Offerings'--------


Let's go for a walk this early morning after cold cold night. Pass by Lee banks let's walk the leaves before they swept away. Let's get inspired by the breathing river- white fog is lifting, painting figurines from our childhood memories into the air, recalls imagination games we use to play... Let's touch the frost on sleeping grass- the joyful tears of the Earth; let's feel them turning into liquid glass, remembering what Dali said about the time... Let's walk the golden hour through Fitzgerald's park; let's narrow our eyes when looking into the water's mirrors and switch the places of the earth and sky... to see if any difference alike. The truth of no comparing- as in Heaven so on Earth, let's smile... Let's walk the shaky bridge to feel sensation of no solid ground. Let's answer honestly the question are you scared? In case your world would tremble would you find the axis, would you ground? Would you stay calm on shaken ground, would you be able to give a hand to stranger who walks behind? Let's climb the hill and greet sunshine! We come so far, we stand so high! Let's bath ourselves in cheerful joy of the sun and wink each other eye- there is no way that can't be found! Let's count the blessings going down the hill. Let's think about the goodness which is sent towards us each day. Let's share that goodness with everyone who comes our way; let's make small offerings, Catholicism would say... Let's learn to live in peace with not so perfect ourselves and others, with perfect nature, with fluid universal time. Let's choose to see the beauty everywhere, in every moment not so bright; let's put LOVE feeling, word, note, taste into the pocket and keep it for the rest of our lives- most sacred offering that you can give and hope to find...

'If water derives lucidity from stillness, how much more the faculties of the mind!'  (Chuang Tzu)


by Brigita Stasun