Autumn 2014


La Fontaine du Surrealism


Imagination lives in us as long as it remains free.

Rationalism cannot be explained otherwise just as fear immobilising the imagination.

Surrealism does not impose questions.

It is a realist who feels alone.

In fact, world cannot function without surrealists. 

There is no life force to cut down the imagination, apparently imagination is always a first looser.

We live in a world of practicalities fighting the war between the idealism and materialism. 

Shall we continue to deceive ourselves?

Rationalism is failing to dominate. So the only one solution for present and future is in surrealism. 

Don't kill your mind. Reach out for available means. Do not escape the intrigues. Enjoy where you are and the world will expand into surrealistic transformations. To be a mechanism in a cosmic energy- I recommend.

Religion is opium on people's dreams. And Love? It is what at least for a moment can be concluded with life itself.


No moment in your eyes should slow your flight!



(... from 'The World Could Wait No Longer', 2010 by Mark Clare at Crawford Art Gallery- the video of an amended version of the Manifesto of the Orange Alternative (underground protest movement in Poland during the 1980's) written by Major W. Fydrych, this text embodied the surrealist notion of using surreal actions and humour as a method to question political thought, art, philosophy and social theory. Fydrych's writings act as an extention of Andre Breton's assertion that surrealism was essentially a revolutionary movement.)


Marga, 2009

Marga, 2009

by Brigita Stasun