Autumn 2014


Jazz before the Festival 


Find yourself entangled into the mystery of unpredictable: feel of an internal chaos and sugar powdered gentleness from heavens.

Find yourself sucked into the intensity of something you never will be able to grasp on in matter, but it will walk unconscious paths... Find yourself sprinkling this with loneliness of dusty pinks on black, of course, the darkest night of faith; of someone's lost Love... do not even go there...

Find yourself well adjusted to it after a while, aligned.

'Love me or leave me and let me be lonely...'

Find in it beauty of your own haunted stories of passionate intrigues, faded stars, blurry horizons, cold coffee, no tunnel and no light... Find yourself incorporating these into those heavy fragments of eccentric sound flow and a triumph of emotional release. Find yourself feeling better afterwards...

'Have you ever loved her, have you hold her hand, have you fulfilled her desires...'

Simple, raw and a little desperate, good... Find yourself a little mesmerised by the surprise of how unreleased can find strong ground on someone's mind.

Find yourself pondering on the edge of perception, pretentious mind...


Enjoy yourself stolen for a little while.


Then find your coat and leave.



(... red velvet curtains was opened for Hilary Woods tonight.)


Blur . Marius Puodžiūnas, 2014

Blur. Marius Puodžiūnas, 2014

by Brigita Stasun