Autumn 2014


Late September night's chill and Chanel No5 perfume smell in my nostrils would not leave... Fake rose petals on the stairs in a theatre and classical saxophone jazz in between.


I keep thinking about what kind of job I am going to look for. Every time I log in on line to see what is on offer, I want to cry. Sales, profits, targets, oh man... 'Business is going to kill my talents'- I laugh to a friend, even that is not that funny at all. 'You cannot escape business nowadays, my dear'- he says. Is this an emotional support or an encouragement, makes me wonder?

'I do not know you, but as far as I can see you and that stuff are different like day and night'- tells me a guy I have met the other time. That stuff, I assume, is my writings he is talking about. What can I say here? I believe we all have a fantasy world. We all have a dream, right? The secret one, most of the times. The one we afraid loudly to even think of, don't mind to talk about. The question on a cloud is this: do we pursue dreams in life or quietly let them be, drift, sometimes to sink... We would be different a little from who we are today if we start to pursue our dreams, don't you think? I do anyway, because I see it on myself- the further I embrace my dream, the more I do change. I align more towards it. Even in that 'ultimate reality' as we call it, I tend better myself to accommodate. Because I believe in myself more and more every day, I started to trust my writings and I do not question my future that much nowadays. I started to do what I love and what I love is starting to give me more confidence, more passion for life, more personal charm; it makes me feel more authentic, unique, it encourages me to stretch further my believe- I see people want my dreams to read...

I believe it is a perfect place (and a job) in the world for all of us. For all those different ones, crazy a little, strange in some way, no matter what sort- all of us! It takes time to get there, of course, as this is a journey, so you have to search for a way to walk your dream on. But nothing is coincidental in this life, ever. All narrow paths you wonder on eventually will lead towards the road through which your dream comes into life, I believe. You just have to make a commitment to stay faithful to it, to believe in yourself and trust your Gods, whoever they are; and this Holy Trinity of yours is going to lift the sky to beyond! Please remember, that all our efforts are always paid off. Maybe not exactly in a way or a form that you've been expecting, but they are. Evaluate wide!

So if I have to go back business road for a while, then I will. But to cover different area this time though. Because I believe I am worthy and able for more. Because I love people and leave Chanel No5 smell when I walk through the business world door, hehehe


Briga Saulė and the secret Universe... Glass of water and a liquorice mint.

'Remember, you are authority of what you think and feel- not your past. Play the game of life, make it fun, be in discovery of you.'


'If you create something, you must be something.'  (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Briga Saulė, 2010

Briga Saulė, 2010

by Brigita Stasun