Autumn 2014


Business as Usual


Days of research how to write the CV, how to entertain interviewer (only particular language they speak) and how to get 'that' job slowly drives me up St Patrick's hill and within the seconds- all the way down. It is just this feeling that everything sells, you know. So what is my price? In business world- a minimum wage, hehehe? Or a little bit more if you know how to answer the questions right!

Firstly- tell me about yourself; how we could use what you have in our business and nothing more, would not fit on a file. 

What are your strengths- one line allowed, so be specific, please. 

Weaknesses, oh yes, no one ever forgets that! Remember, you have to be smart about them. You have to make your weaknesses your strengths by all means, something like that: 'I am not very fast with my work, but very accurate. Which means quality job done so in the end saves company time (and time is money, people say, right?) OR. I am not great with new technologies, in this case I do constant research to learn about them and so I know a lot by now.' Makes sense?

What does failure means to you, yay! I think I would be able to say a lot about a person by the way he answers this question (judgemental me!) Well, I do not have this word in my dictionary and so amen, I learned, I'm glad.


Big task preparation for an interview is. You have to figure out how you will fit yourSelf into a template. 'You have to play by the rules'- tells me a friend, respected business woman all the way, so I trust her. I have no choice just to play these games. I know she knows- I do not like them...


I try to vent my head with an espresso in a local cafe, which does not distresses me at all and wave back at children on a school bus. Thing that made me smile, before I proceed to the second interview part...

On the next day I get an offer from a guy who runs Oxfam in Cork to come and decorate the window of their shop on Cook Street- it sells clothes; he liked the way I dress...

Surreal is my life :)


by Brigita Stasun