Autumn 2014



Pat a Cat


Penelope is this kind of lady who catches your eye when walking a street. Sophisticated and intelligent Irish 'city girl' in her mid fifties with impressively developed taste for jewellery style and the eyes, which often change their colour... 'I am a witch' She tells me the very first time I meet her and friendly whispers in my ear 'Please, join the club'. She dresses black and white for the month of November (idea I so like) and opens the map of Ireland to get me clear on which part of holy land I stand; where are 'fingers' of Cork, makes me aware that in the West all smoke pot. 'Different culture there, you'll see Ireland you never seen before'. I laugh all the way at her wondering mind. 'I shouldn't be telling you this, so lets go to the Israel's land, I'll tell you about an adventure of mine to a desert, the twenty seven years old innocent girl who lived with the nuns, like... Tell me anything, girl, I am up for mad drive!


Today Penelope comes to dinner under Coco Chanel cloud, wrapped in black and white (of course, her jewellery blows my mind) and brings two cushions with her- comfort cannot be compromised! It makes me smile and think maybe I was forever in this 'club' she talks about, I am one of those who always has a thermos and a blanket when on a mission for a long walk; an apple in my bag each day, in case I meet a homeless girl. Penelope is a fussy meat eater and don't you argue here, little girl; 'I studied biology all my life, because of eating meat human brain evolved!' I nod my head remembering how Madam described Cork women: 'they are very straight forward, they will let you know where you stand before the conversation gets out of hand'. May be the truth, may not; on this note Penelope apologise for her passion about the things that she likes, I pat her hand and tell her not to be silly and not to waste the time, I want to hear another story; her eyes change colour and she asks 'Do you have a man?' Penelope's thoughts are butterflies which appear and vanish so quickly, all colours they do shine! She talks about feminism, she says it kills a man; 'Somebody whistled at you passing by? Mark in your diary, it is a compliment!'

I like her attitude on life, I feel her passion for the world. Her Soul feels pot of gold to me and her heart is lovely cup of tea. You turn your head away and here she's gone; is it winter's breeze which makes butterflies go bored?... or bold, hehe

So here I left alone with balanced old dreams of mine. And nothing short of glorious tonight. 'Sometimes you fall upwards' Penelope's echo I still hear. A scoop of chocolate ice cream on my tongue... my eyes change colour... One more before you go!


Before I leave, I see the cushions Penelope has left behind. I take them with me, I know she'll be delightedly surprised to get them back. I walk to the counter to pay for wine and bartender asks me why I have those cushions in my hands. 'It's just a friend of mine forgot to take them home before she left' I say. 'We use them for baby chairs and for a bench outside, so we'd prefer they stay in the restaurant...' He smiles.


Ah, Penelope, you are the Witch of Laughter, girl!!



(... my first gathering with the community of charitable work in Cork.)

On the next day I dress two ladies for a shop window in Christmas Chanel style... What a creative wonderland is our mind!

'In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.'  (Coco Chanel)


'Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.' (Coco Chanel)


'A woman who does not wear perfume has no future.'  (Coco Chanel) 


In Da Club . Briga Saulė, 2012

In Da Club. Briga Saulė, 2012

by Brigita Stasun