Autumn 2014


Dangerous at the Edge of Insight


Alice paths I walk to wonderland of Triskel; by the line of sound naked emotions hang like clothes on a clothes horse... How intense they are lately, how colourful; sometimes they blind me to reach extreme, to pull a string so close to strand. So close to feel how it vibrates waiting for your decision to last or to brake... So many times I reach this point and for so long I stay on hold. I feel its vibes all over me, I feel intense: I see, I hear, I smell, I touch, I live it all. Like acrobat I walk the line in circus, I stand its middle and I shake

I barely stand. I doubt

But I am here, on the line, in violet red intense.


And sometimes only red.


Deep breathe

Deep think. Deep sleep


Well deep.


Walk the line.

'It is when we don't see the greater reason behind our circumstances that we become trapped in them. But when we acknowledge the role of Universal timing, we can take steady steps towards our ideal reality. <...> with each cycle comes a lesson.'  (


It is five phases of time here for us, wise people say.


Stability- the time of consistency and prosperity. <...> reap the delights of precious balance as it is also fleeting. Solidity is what we seek in our Spirit.

Chaos- is temporary but necessary to regain stability. Order emerges from chaos as new foundations are formed. <...> remain well grounded in your aims and ambitions.

Movement- 'the time is now'. <...> take all that you are given and apply it towards your potential. Live full momentum of the moment.

Stagnancy- the time for reflections. <...> turn inwards, concentrate of Self improvement; you will be more secure in yourSelf.

Adaptation- intermittent phase between phases.


And they move in circles all the time...


Art in Wexford . Briga Saulė, 2014

Art in Wexford. Briga Saulė, 2014

by Brigita Stasun