Autumn 2014


'Towns and cities have a mental age of their own. The mental age limit defines the period after which a young man or woman of talent ought to pack his bags and get out. I don't know exactly how you judge the mental age of a town, but one way it by its bookshops and libraries, art galleries, theatres and concerts.

I have a feeling that, at one time, Cork, for a short time at least, was a real European capital. It has ceased to be that and the problem now is how it's going to recreate a life for itself, a life in which a man can live completely from the cradle to the grave; that I think is a problem not only for Cork, but for the whole of Western European Civilisation. Life has to start flowing back into the smaller places. People have got to start living a much less specialised form of life, a much more a community form of life and my feeling about this city is... either people make a success of it or Western Europe is finished.'  (Frank O'Connor speaking to the BBC in 1961)

Cork is working towards creating a life without limits, to ensure that men and women can develop to their fullest creative and intellectual extent; so that their never obliged to leave their home city to fulfil themselves, says Cork City Counsel and I clap my hands.

On my second day here- Short Story Festival starts...

In the Crawford art gallery I watch the exhibition 'I Believe in You' by Mark Clare.


'Throughout history man's spirit of adventure along with his creative imagination has driven him to develop technologies that have allowed him to not only explore or own World but that of the Cosmos. It is the underlying aspect of creativity that For All Mankind wishes to celebrate.'

Briga Saulė, 2014

Briga Saulė, 2014

Each foil dish slowly rotating 360 degrees over 60 minutes. While standing in the gallery you are aware of something happening (the clocks are ticking) but see nothing, in the same way that the planets turns and the Universe expands without being necessarily visible to the naked eye...


Wow, I compliment mental age of Cork artists!


by Brigita Stasun