Autumn 2014


I could sit in this coffee shop day after day watching people river flow.

School children in green uniforms, young fairies with their tiny dogs, polished business men in troll shoes and seniors with buckets of flowers; older ladies dripping in gold, young ladies bravely challenging our perception of beauty, colourful buskers and all the others, those ordinary extra ordinaries with inner grace and hermetic strength moves forward through the day and this street, through the eyes of mine- stranger, watcher, stalker, who is painting here magnificent over mundane. Uplifted I feel in this city. So quickly so fluent... at the dawn of my new, under a spell of beauty and goodness created by all of you...


I drink coffee with professor of science next to me; he writes and hides poetry in a lowest drawer of his work table, under the dissertations of his favourite students, deep deep. He scribbles address of the place where all writers gather and passes to me; twice a month, Tuesdays, he goes there empty handed to listen to others, oh no no, never read, he is not a poet you see, he is just professor of science... 'See you there' he waves me goodbye and disappears into the river flow; he has shortened the list of my desires, air kiss I consign for him so!


I think at this point about definition of Luck that I goggled today. It has two meanings: first would be 'happiness', second one- 'fate'...

'You are still an ordinary human. What is extraordinary is what comes through you into this world. But the essence you share with all beings.'  (Sufi)


by Brigita Stasun