Autumn 2014


I get those kind of days when I just want to weep from happiness all day along. Everything amuses me, everything comforts me, everything sends kisses my way and perfect surrounds everything. My new bag is full of that perfect, which I want to share. I stare at you and call you Angel- 'you are a gift to many of us...'- the very special words I tell. Now you start weeping that happiness of mine, of yours, of ours. 'I'll miss you'- so you gently whisper. 'I will come into your dreams'- I smile at you and kiss your hands, to leave that happiness imprinted; the moment which lives forever in our minds... 'Imagine all the people living life in peace'- sings John and stars starts falling from the sky... on our shoulders, settles in our hair, squeezes in our pockets full of happiness, it shines... Then you start crying like a child. I watch you thinking- the Earth is Paradise...


The cycle sacred- give and take, remember, keep and share.


Briga Saulė, 2008

Briga Saulė, 2008

'The cycle of life that gives way to newness does not happen without struggle. You are not usually asked, Are you ready to change? Change just happens. Sometimes the process evolves so slowly that you hardly notice any movement: you simply wake up and find that you have come to another place. At other times, change happens in an instant, when you encounter the death of a loved one, the offer of a job, some pleasant surprise or perhaps a disappointment that you hadn't expected. The rhythm of the seasons teaches you that continuity lies within the process of change and in the uprooting and replanting of your life. Hope not so much that things will turn out as you predict, as that you will be well amidst the changes you cannot predict.'  (Sister Stan)


'In a higher world it is otherwise, but here below to live is to change, and to be perfect is to change often.'  (John Henry Newman) 


by Brigita Stasun