Autumn 2016





is famous for his (her) passing moods. One moment he could be in a beautiful flight of fancy, the next - in the dampness of melancholy that deeply hurts. All just happens, with no particular reason; something Cancer cannot control. The sky can lift up, or fall down on him in a blink of an eye. And no one knows why. Maybe because of the hypersensitivity that these people are made off, sometimes I think. Cancers are like those glasses full of water - they gather, absorb and reflect all what happens around.

When the dark wave comes along, Cancer can get very intense. He'll wrap himself into a wet blanket and sob his heart out until shiver and shake. Cancer's tears are never crocodile tears. They come from the very bottom of his fragile and vulnerable (too soft?) heart. People say Cancer tends to exaggerate. In a way - yes, sometimes. But please remember that Cancer feels the world. So that also might be exactly how the world feels at that particular moment, for him. Cancer easily connects to everything. And he embraces it all. May that be the light or the darkness, no different. When Cancer is high, he is really high. When he is low, he can dive into depression deeper than the ocean floor. Pretty extreme alright. Doesn't take much for Cancer to get disappointed in life.

Cancer has many fears which haunt his days and nights in a vague sense. Most of these fears relate to security, as Cancer afraid to lose things he already possesses. He has an addictive personality; he clings to all sort of things. He clings to darkness, as well. In this case, he'd better to stay away from Scorpio's dark charms. Scorpio can trick him into a gloomy prison cell, where Cancer, most likely, will lock himself in. 

There is a lot of uncertainty and despair around Cancer. Pessimism is never too far away ready to spoil a lovely day. And the inner voice keeps nagging him without a break. Cancer knows what's best for the world and so he tries hard to be the perfect light that shines bright. Even that he already is that shining light. But that is not the point, according to him. Cancer is barely good enough for himself.

And yes, Cancer is sad. But his sadness is not necessarily bad. Cancer in general likes to lull, to lurk and to loiter, anywhere really, so the clouds of sadness above suits his nature well. Sadness is shady, misty, slow, quiet and still. The one without nostalgia attached. If nostalgia is present, sadness turns 'bad'. Then Cancer has a hard time getting rid of it. 

Cancer likes to know. He broods over everything. He wants to understand why. He is sort of mental archeologist, always digging for facts. When Cancer falls back - misery sets in. Often he feels a victim, and so he complains. Worry and apprehension can make him ill.

But Cancer keeps moving no matter what. Maybe without such passion as Scorpio has, but keeps tipping along. He could have a good bit of a distance walked, before he stumbles into a deep hole. And if he falls down there on his back, oh boy. He turns blue. He goes to sleep and wakes up in darkness. That is one big challenge for Cancer - to turn upside down and to climb out of a hole. Takes time. 

But the Moon changes and Cancer gets back on a smooth path. Cancer always gets back on the track. He never loses his sight (as Pisces does), no matter how dark. Cancer never gives up.