Autumn 2016




Dublin is warm and wet.

Isabel's fingernails are painted in coral red, to match her new cashmere jumper. And gentle burning passion for the man, who'll bring fresh fish for her tonight.

I listen to her talk about the possibility of a new job, about an ice-cream that she fell in love, about an empty wardrobe, and what a peculiar latest amusement - watching birds! 

She sings her song, I paint my fingernails same red coral.

With rhubarb pie we sip Darjeeling tea.

And nothing above the earthly world needs to happen, to enjoy the presence of a dear friend.

It is enchanting as it is.

I'll leave my magnifying glass at home to have a rest...


Isabel drives me to the airport to catch a plane.


For where your treasure is,

there your heart will be also.


Luke 12: 34