Autumn 2016


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is a bit of an enigma as he vibrates indefinable. He is an echo of the unreal and the illusionary. 

Pisces represents death and eternity. So how do you describe the latter? How do you specify the ambiguous? Can you imagine something with no shape, no form, no substance, no direction, no time, no reference points? This is the murky dreamland of Pisces, in which we reach beyond physical reality, beyond social reality, beyond the unconscious, beyond everything that is known. What do we find, out there? Only Pisces knows. But he won't tell. And even if he did - would we be able to understand?

Pisces' nature is blend of all twelve zodiac signs, a lot to cope with.

Cancer and Scorpio are symbolically half-land-half-water creatures, but the fish can't breathe air. He must live in cool green water, sometimes muddy, always moving. His soul is always near the light and the dark. Pisces is a sign of contradictions. A symbol of duality and sacred union. 

Pisces is the great chameleon of the zodiac. 'What you see is what you get' is not a case with Pisces. His moods, opinions, perspectives are ever changing. He doesn't know exactly what he thinks or who he is. He can turn on tears, than turn on sunshine by pressing the invisible switch. Neither is truly real. It is all illusion of Pisces and he finds it hard to tell the difference itself. Often he has a major lack of direction, clarity and sharpness. He carries on without knowing where to, how and why. He can be spacey and aloof. He denies having a dark side.

Pisces find it hard to deal with 'collective reality' as he tends to miss 'a beat' at time. But he wants to be just like everyone else; he insists on having a place in this bizarre and greatly challenging world. So he often pretends to be able to blend in. Pisces is good at make-believe. He has a sarcastic, clever tongue, and often wears his laugh as a mask. He acts selfless and stays smug about his saintly self-denial. Pisces rides a rollercoaster most of the time - going into a mystical trance or most severe depression. 

Although Pisces is perhaps the most powerless of mortals, he secretly envisions himself as a ruler of the world. Pisces has a syndrome of 'misunderstood genius'. His memory is legendary. Forgiving takes time.

Symbol of fish swimming in the opposite directions symbolise the choice which is given to Pisces - swim to the top or swim to the bottom and never quite reach his goal. Though it's never easy to either real or human fish to struggle and fight their way upstream. It takes less effort to go with the current, wherever it takes them. To swim upstream is a challenge for Pisces - and the only way he ever finds true peace and happiness. Life for Pisces is either the most difficult obligation a soul can choose, or a chance to reach perfect fulfilment. Sad story is that, often, Pisces won't be able to find the happy middle, the balance point between valuing his dreams and crafting them into shape. When these sort of things (confrontation with reality) happens, Pisces simply becomes disillusioned, embittered, and so he gives up. 

Pisces dark side never knows where and when to draw the line. He easily 'lets himself go' and tends to be fragile physically as well as emotionally. He breaks either into a genuine psychosis, or into self-destruction - whether quick or slow kind like drug addiction or alcoholism, or in subtle, unnoticed destruction of another. It's rarely overt, it's all under the surface. It often turns out that Pisces who always denounced sugar, drugs, smoke, porn, or hypocrisy is an enthusiastic consumer or practitioner of same.

Serve or suffer is yet another famous cliche of Pisces. He happens to glimpse into different wounds, so he has inner compassion. He absorbs every pain. Most Pisces don't know how to say No. Often he buries his personal dreams to brighten odd corners of relatives and friends.

The journey of Pisces life is often the one of moving through periods when everything seems to be falling apart and nothing yet has come together into a new form. 'The future may beckon but the past is still unravelling' kind of way. In essence, Pisces represents not so much type of a person as a rendition of human nature. He is any man's distorted, exaggerated, but a true mirror.

Pisces is idealistic and enthusiastic, but usually without drive. He has such a talent and vision he is the most blessed of men. Yet so often his life is a failure. When life dumps him into hopeless conditions, instead of leaping out of the murky danger, he is more inclined to hide behind his pale green illusion, which keep him from making practical decisions. He often lacks power, discipline and continuity. Perhaps strong emotional side, a state of being that generally seems to take over much of his logic at time. Pisces dreams his way through life. 

He lives in lonely understanding of truth too deep to express in words...



(...written in collaboration with Linda Goodman.)


Astrology is just another tool I use to understand human nature better.  I find it helps me to take an extra step in greater compassion and empathy towards another. When we understand - we forgive. When we forgive - we accept (we stop judging). When we accept - we love. Easily.


I am very down to earth. Just not this earth.

-Karl Lagerfeld