Autumn 2017


'My mind is frazzled by work stress. How do I give my brain a break? Please don't say yoga' bit hysterically giggles my friend.

I am the same, dear. I am writing a piece for a client at 2am on a Sunday, fretful and haggard. My diary says there are also Tax Returns to be submitted, emails to be answered, affairs to be filed, and the way around the house to be cleared. Do I have a time to visit a friend in the countryside? I wish.

At this rate I notice that anxiety becomes my constant companion. But this is how we live in 2017, mere mortals. There is more work to be done, more fun to be had, more things to see, read and hear, and so, obviously, more things to harass our vulnerable brains. Ironically, there are more things to remedy such mental bustle. So yes, baby, yoga. Breathing and balance exercise tends to calm your system down and enhance memory, and bananas help with concentration and problem solving, hehe.


It took me three weeks to take this train. The train that brings me to botanical gardens and the zoo where most animals walk 'free'. 20 minutes away from where I live, took me three weeks. When I finally got on the train, I found myself editing my recent photography work, instead of looking through the window to see how season changed... With this realisation I switch off my phone. 

As soon as I get to the gardens, I take out a blanket and sit down under the big tall tree with my back against its trunk. No one is here. I listen to a gentle conversation of birds and watch the leaves fall. Dance, to occasional gust. I inhale rich moisture into my lungs and talk myself into the present wonder moment. Peace finds its way back pretty instantly, thanks to hardly established meditation routine. I close my eyes, inhale deeply again, and Gratitude expands within my whole essence. I let go of tension. I let go of thoughts. I just be. Part of the tree. And it's so good. The time slows down. And then it disappears, like it never was. Like it never meant to be.


I met a friend the other day, which after many years living in the city moved to the countryside. 'How do you find it?' I ask. 'I love it. I feel like I arrived home, or something between those lines. The city is cool, but nature is who we are' he said, and this now doesn't leave my mind.


Autumn is very fresh in Ireland. Next time you here, ask someone to take you out to the woods, some place with a waterfall, giant ferns and low palm trees. And a carpet of yellow soft leaves. The moisture is exceptionally rich in those places. Imagine. Its velvet scents: deep wet, dry wet, of nuts, mushrooms, floral scent. I smell floral one right now, I look around and find it's coming from the bush with flowers that look like lilies, though they are size of a nail. Pity I can't read the name of this plant, as the label is all wash out by the rain.

I always wonder how does the bottom of the sea smells like...

Oh! A squirrel just crossed my path! 

I leave some nuts on the branch of a tree. 


I like that in autumn and winter this park is left alone to be. No one tries to put plants into perfect shape. They leave them hibernate. I love the idea of 'hibernation'. I hope to come to a chapter in my life where I let myself hibernate somewhere under the Nordic sky. Wrapped up in Irish wool, in proper winter shoes, with Husky or two, walk the Earth for 2 months... mmm


Next I meet a man who is setting up way marks, for some young scouts will be coming here tomorrow. He shows me on the compass where we are, and says this park looks most beautiful once the sun starts settling down. So I decide to wait for the dusk, if it won't get too cold. As this gorgeous velvet moisture can slip under your skin pretty fast. 'Weather is so unpredictable in Ireland, just like women' one my friend jokes. Temperature might change during a day a good few times. I became an expert of how to layer up clothes that it'll be easy to take them off if gets warm, and put them back on when gets cold. 

Just before dusk, the sun comes out. And it stays till the clouds start gathering to cover the sky, which is orange and red and burning yellow colour right now. The clouds change their shapes in 3D. And the birds fly across and the leaves fall and floral moisture keeps purifying my slightly tired soul. I sit down on the bench and a little bird comes to greet me, good news he brings, as people say in this case back in my homeland. And I'm glad, I love the good news! I know it brings change; the shift is happening again, big choice I am facing again, besides little ones every day, and I'm learning to choose very well. Except that 'busy' lifestyle got me back smoking again :(


'But tell me, how do we manage all?' yesterday I asked a guy at the pool I go swimming.

'We don't. There will be things you'll do, and things that you won't' he said. And he is so right.


It's good here in this silent park. You hear your soul talk again.

Clouds shape castles far away, and at the same time - so close...


 That is how I live here and now.

Relaxing sounds call winter bells upon...


Have a wonder full festive time.




...I mark this letter to Leo as 'Private'...


You gotta play your favourite games!


author unknown

author unknown



I hate small talk.

I wanna talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, the lies you've told, your flaws, your favourite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurity and fears... I like people with depth, who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.

I don't want to know 'what's up'. 


(author unknown)



Perennial cool


'Tell me something, my lovely' I ask one of the wisest, sweetest, and most beautiful girl in the world. 'Tell me your thoughts about why we, gorgeous, interesting, and capable to love women, still haven't met the man to grow taller with?'

'You want me to give you one good answer that'll help to solve your 'single life' problem?' she laughs. 'The truth is - I don't have that answer. Just as two couples are different and live different lives, two single women are different and live very different lives.

We choose our life by making certain choices, transmitting certain energy, beliefs, and all the rest. I've noticed when people look for an answer to why something happens or why something doesn't happen, often they feel the need to gather into groups to search for the answer that kind of 'fits all'. However, I doubt it exists. I see this as different personal journeys and different approaches to reaching the desirable goal. 

I can't say I have no men in my life, I always do. Though I make conscious decisions about how actively I want them to spin around me, and how close I allow them to come.

Before I left New York, I had two quite intense relationships that I could develop to see where and how far they'd stretch me, but I consciously chose not to pursue either one. I chose to leave and see the world, sort out my business, home and finances, first, only then seek a man, not just physically, but energetically be open towards him; as for the present moment I don't feel 100% ready for this. I take one day at a time and I work on myself, for when the time comes for me to meet Him, I'll be ready - grounded and steady - to withstand him, and not to lose myself at the same time.

And what comes to growth, there are many options of how to fertilise the soil in which we grow tall', she reassures me, as for she knows that I myself know it all...


I love you, Yellow girl.


Feel it. The thing, that you don't want to feel. Feel it, and be free.

-Nayyirah Waheed


author unknown

author unknown


I met Michael on a dating website. 'I'm not your usual kind of guy, I am unique' I read his profile. I've sensed he was different somehow and I was intrigued. He showed up for an afternoon tea in leggings displaying man's pride and horse riding boots, smart black blazer and white polo neck bodysuit. Nice wide smile, pleasant manners, full of wit and tasteful jokes - an old playful soul, he spoke upper class language I adore. Fifty something years of age Michael is ready to begin again, and, preferable, fast. I sensed it might not be in God's plan right away, though.

'I can offer you a lifestyle you want' he sang the song of my liking and I was very pleased. Pity, it's not as simple as that. All I felt for him was love for a possible friend. 

'I believe people don't meet randomly. They come together for they have something to give to each other, at the particular time. Unfortunately, most of us are obsessed with control; we think we have the power to decide on the role we want other to play for us. I am not here to be your lover, Michael, I know that for sure. But if you'll allow, I might be a significant someone who will help you to expand in the directions you must. Same applies to me, too. How does that sound for you?' I ask on the second so called 'date'. Michael is not a great listener most of the time, but when he listens, he really hears. And when he hums, I know he is considering what's being said. 

'Up to three years ago I would never have imagined the situation of a foreign girl in my house suggesting such a perspective on life' says this old wolf, and I appreciate his honesty. 

'Don't underestimate me, darling' here I smile.


I take off my shoes to feel the comfort of the Turkish silk rugs. Every little thing breathes quality in Michael's house. As I pass by, I touch the antique mahogany work table with five drawers on each side, a superb letter paper; I take to examine the engraved silver letter opener knife. I long for it the minute I put it back in place... Michael is watching me. 'I might grow up on you' he says. 

'And why would you want to grow up on someone?' I ask him while looking at the picture of golfing paradise - vast green fields, perfect blue skies. 'I want that special someone to be crazy about me without the slightest doubt, don't you?' 

'I'll be the one to play chess with you on a hospital's bed' I add.

'Interesting allegory' Michael smiles back.


He pulls back blue velvet chair and nods for me to sit down. 'File, souffle, and creme brulee for dinner' he announces and I champ in delight. Michael says he appreciates all good things in life a million times more since he got his money back. 

For the rest of the evening we play snobbish games: we smoke Cuban cigar putting ashes into the solid silver trophy Michael won once, from a catalogue we choose a colour for the brand new Mercedes he have decided to buy.

'What will happen to the little car I barely fit in?' I ask while eating second reduced Terra Cotta desert from Mark's.

'Did you say Lidl's car?' he replies, and we laugh and we laugh: at life, ourselves, at how well we understand a concept of 'being a snob' in this game. 


As we finish tea from Michael's American grandmother's porcelain cups, we calm down. Michael takes off his fancy leather slippers and stretches the legs on the chair next to him, towards the fire that smoulders in a beautiful fireplace made of old oak. And as we drift into a comfortable silence watching the flames, the instinct urges me 'this is the time and the place'. 

I pull my chair closer to his. I take, and kiss, and hold Michael's hand. 

'Explain yourself' he begins.

'Teach me business' I ask...


You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery.

-Cheryl Strayed, 'Tiny Beautiful Things'


author unknown

author unknown


Platform for talent


Michael is an English man with dazzling charisma, sharp mind, positive outlook and drive for a 'complete' life. He was a golfer back in the days, a member of prestigious golf club that is home for the oldest trophy in professional golf. At 24, Michael became a financial advisor for the company owned by UK government. Very unusual, I know.

'Why did you left professional golf?' I asked him as he was pouring me a glass of Rose wine.

'Pretty early I understood that there were a few lads better than me. So I thought I was better off going to business.'

That proved not to be a mistake. Michael did remarkable job selling golfing equipment, wisely and with a bit of luck investing in shares here and there. Five digits figure he had in the bank before he met Sue, daughter of a wealthy Irish businessman, at times I was crawling in nappies. Michael and Sue shared extravagant parties every weekend and trips to the places you wouldn't know to exist. They shopped, and dined, and sat on the bench in the church next to each other. 'Come live with me. If we get along, we'll get married' Michael invited Sue.

This also proved to work out. And so instead of a silver spoon, Sue got a golden one. 

Next step of this English man was moving to Ireland. Early eighties Ireland had plenty of opportunities to offer to Michael, and he, of course, took an advantage of a few. As for Sue - she finished university studies and became a part time scientist. They had two boys, a house with four eight meters high pillars in prestigious hidden cul-de-sac in Cork, a couple Jaguars, Bentley, and a boat. Grand holiday continued with Gucci bags and fur coats. And they were healthy, sweet and sound. And all were flowers, except for one - Sue's daddy never liked the boy.

'A poser!' he described Michael's love for fashion and style, exclusive manierism and unique opinion that didn't compliment his own, and the business he was running. They never managed to accept each other, and as the years went by, all got more and more intense. Until one day the last drop overfilled the glass and the ultimatum was raised: 'Are you in or out, son?' daddy wanted to know. There were particular rules in this game you see, that son-in-law had to obey. Not hard to guess - Michael told the famous family to feck off. Sue was upset to the point of divorce.

Seven difficult years fell on top of the shoulders of this English gentlemen. Freeze assets and bank accounts, rented flat. Nasty fights for 50/50, solicitors that didn't know what they were doing, according to Michael, and more frequent meetings with God in the church. Lots of things learned, Honours in Law obtained, value of money weighted - new lifestyle attained. He got the share of 50% in the end - enough money for the rest of his life. However, his two boys waved good-bye.



to be continued...




Be present. Make love. Make tea. Avoid small talk. Embrace conversation. Buy a plant, water it. Make your bed. Make someone else's bed. Have a smart mouth, and quick wit. Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain. Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn. Know your worth. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly. Let go of what doesn't make you happy. Grow. 


-Paulo Coelho



I believe people are divided into two groups according to how much they want something they desire to happen to them, something they dream of to become their reality. First group would be those, who REALLY want the thing, whatever that is. And the second group - those, who KIND OF want the thing they want, even though they tend to believe they really do want it. 

If you want to get something you never had, you have to be ready to invest accordingly, which means that you will have to do, most likely - to learn, new things. A lot of them will require true dedication - courage, patience, and time. Self-discovery and willingness to change will be in 'terms and conditions', and that often turns out to be simply too much altogether, for most.

6 out of 10 people stop chasing the thing they want before even trying to do so. 3 out of 10 do try. Until they 'realise' something is 'preventing' them from coming closer to the desirable thing, and so they settle for the less. 1 person out of same 10 will reach out and get exactly what he/she wants.



You must become unshakable in the belief that you are worthy of a big life.


author unknown

author unknown


Positively busy


Today I drink tea with a friend of mine, who, for many years, has worked, and partied hard in a few different parts of the world. He was a journalist, and, in fact, a very fine one: every detail focused, very precise. To be honest, I don't understand how he managed to write so well, and to deliver written pieces always on time, as his alcohol and drug consumption, level grand, was moving parallel the workload. 

'Sometimes I wonder, who would I be today, if I have had invested time and energy I wasted partying, into my work?' he smiles as he ponders upon. He says he struggled for 20 years being an addict, making me laugh right here, as I, former wild party lover as well, could argue if we'd seen our lifestyle being a big struggle back in those days. It was just life, with great, and not so great parties, and dreadful hangovers as natural reaction to them. 

'You don't agree we were mentally hangover all the time?' he asks.

'You can say that, I guess. Nevertheless, I embraced those times as much as I could. I think I even miss them sometimes' I tell, and watch him have an involuntary shudder that means 'never ever no more'. Anyway. The point here is, that one day, stimulants inspired parties had to end, if you ambitious enough to get more out of life, which we were.

So. My friend came back to Ireland as practising Buddhist, with the intentional decision to stay totally sober, and finish the book he was writing for the last seven years.

'Have you discovered Buddhism while living in China?' I ask.

'I didn't discover Buddhism, Buddhism discovered ME' he laughs. (See, how precise he is!)

Three years passed without a single day of him being conscious of his life's choice. He practises Buddhist teachings, yoga and meditation, and he just finished that book he was writing, now for the last ten years. The book has a very well known agent in London, and found an editor just as superb, as we speak. 

'All of us are expecting big sales' he leans closer and whispers. I make him to tell this aloud. 

He verbalises words that speaks six figure digits, and I salute him. Go, boy! You don't need to convince me those kind of things happen, if you insist on them to happen, I know they do. I trust, and expect similar, too.


As I indulge in a heavenly cheesecake, he comes up with this concept of 'learning to live' life. I think he said it very well, that is exactly how my present days feel to me, as I made a conscious choice to go totally sober as well - to devote myself to healthy and productively creative living.

I won't deny, sometimes it can be tricky and not so easy to keep moving steadily into the chosen new lifestyle, especially in the beginning, as you face boredom, which is the key factor to majority of addictive behaviours. And you have to deal with this boredom in different ways from now on. So it calls for change of habits, which can be a very challenging thing.


For those who don't use any sort of intoxication, life slows down, which is a lovely thing by itself, as you discover now you have time to watch this delicate rain, or to reflect on a painting you're looking at. The trick is to be relaxed in a moment, to allow yourself to 'float'. By that I mean to really open your eyes, your heart, and your mind, and enjoy the experience with heightened senses, and in no rush. Most likely it won't happen from the first or second time. You have to train yourself into this state. You have to be mindful: inhale, and 'stay with it', that happening moment, for a minute longer, ignoring the instinct to finish and leave. How do I stretch that minute? I take one more breath, lift my chin up, sometimes even shake my head, and thank gods for a choice they helped me to make. Depending on what I am at, I walk away, or sit back, with my back straightened, feeling grateful, and, most importantly, proud of myself. That is how I train my brain to be able to intake more, for I could live my life fully. Sounds a bit like rehab, ha?

When you don't use any stimulants or tranquilisers, your energy evens - becomes smooth and consistent. You don't have drastic ups or downs, so your mind becomes more still and at ease. You create less and less situations that cause mental confusion. As a result of still mind, you become more creative. 

People tend to think that all the best creations come from pain. I think it's a myth. They come from clarity. Which is a product of clean, 'learned to live', life.


maintain the intellect, maintain the flow

put it in my memory everywhere I go

-Emily Wells, 'Sugar'


author unknown

author unknown




Because of regular exercise and meditation routine, a new kind of breath has opened up in me. Now I understand that if you breath strong clear breath, even if your physical body it's not in its best shape, you can breathe Wellness in by breathing through the places in your body that don't feel well. OR. You can breathe Wellness in through the core (spine) by 'running' it up and down, feeling it become more and more steady and grounded, trusting the powerful energy that reawakens, or is already growing in you for a while. Breathe up and down the spine till the breath starts flowing without much of an effort; the energy you've created will clear the pathway from the 'noise', as I call blockages. If your body is relaxed and your core's breath is solid, Wellness you welcomed in will distribute itself where it's needed the most within your body. Your body will do its work also - it will instruct cells to regenerate, and this way it will heal itself - just give it a chance and that good, God's breath.




I came across this Tahitian mantra recently. The minute I've seen it, I knew it will do wonders. Just four lines, goes like this:


I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you




Full set band of socks is lying around on my pure wool Slavic style rug

while I write letters to Leonardo DiCaprio


What am I like!



Wellbeing comes with the price. You can pay it now or you can pay later, with interest.


author unknown

author unknown



Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away.


-Sarah Kay



Black in White


These days I think about how the intro-play that men and women do before the actual love making act, has changed, compare to the girls' with the pearl earrings times. Looks like Romanticism is becoming an ancient history, and the Art of Seduction is swept under the rug. I see women giving away their power as fast and easy as never before, so not cool. It became socially acceptable, almost politically correct, to end up in bed from the third, or even second date. Would you say them two 'making love' when this kind of scenario happens? I wonder. As I believe there is no such thing at this particular stage. They 'have sex', which often represents a try to fill the gap, the missing part within, sometimes without us consciously knowing. Let me guess - would the missing part be Love in this case? Please give me your full attention, your kindness and care, I'll do anything for you to hold me, to make me feel special - we beg, ask for, insist. Have you ever silently thought that this kind of behaviour is a form of self-abuse, in a way? No? My friend says I'm too harsh here. Maybe, though today I see it this way.

I believe we're meant to establish connection on a soul level, first. Then with minds, and only then with body, to make that connection extraordinary, make it to last. But we do it other way around. Many jump into bed barely even stimulating each other's minds, I'm not even talking about the soul level. We're too preoccupied responding to our physical instincts, which lead to the actual intimacy, no, sex act; and after the act we often realise no time is left for us - eternity has burned, in an hour. Ah.

I told Madam the other day about the man I've met on holiday. 

'He circled around me that night like a lion king - all handsome and great gentlemen, he had desire burning in his eyes, sweet honey dripping from his tongue. He spoke loud to impress me, he whispered in my ear compliments that have intrigued me. He sniffed my scarf before he gave it back to me, and in that particular moment my heart skipped a beat. He wanted to carry my bag. He even wanted to hold my hand. I enjoyed watching his passion; I gave him a good bit of credits for playing this game so well. But I didn't respond in the same way. Not because I didn't like him, I did, very much. But to see someone admiring, desiring me, fuelled mine - woman's power till the very brim, and it felt so good (and right) that I didn't think twice about giving it away for a hotel's bed on short summer's night. I wanted to play. I wanted to thrive on my own power for as long as I can. Call me old-fashioned, but I choose possibility to be his, or someone else's, fresh Sunday morning, not a Saturday night' I sang my story to Madam.

'Like it or not, sex is about power' said Madam.

'And men are the hunters!'

'Yes. That way they seek to find and dis-empower feminine energy as fast as they can', followed my though further Madam, couples' counsellor (for those who don't know).


I don't think there is something wrong with that, it's just the way the energy intertwines: women hold the power before an intimacy act, as Yes or No always was, and will be woman's last call. But after the Yes, men take over, and that is just as sweet and well deserved - we congratulate and reward them, for they played a challenging hunt.

But a lot of women give their power away too fast, in my eyes. So I'm just wondering these days, where is the gain in that?


To find your soul mate, you must first find your own soul.


Agnė Jagelavičiūtė, 2017

Agnė Jagelavičiūtė, 2017


Today is an autumnal equinox. At this particular timing, the energy from the outwards moves inwards. Symbolically, the fire is brought indoors, home into a fireplace, or a candle is lit and placed into the closed candle holder. The energy of the Sun is becoming weaker, and the Earth's fire is becoming stronger. The inner heat is rising. That is the friction-interplay expression of the energy. I wish you a successful transition. Then the autumn will be warm, as well as the winter. May you have rhythmic and meaningful flow, may all things and events interconnect. I wish you call upon Love, which is always Here. May The Greatest Mother guide you.


(...from the letter of one friend to another.)

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

-Albert Einstein


author unknown

author unknown


There is an album here, if you're in a mood to lie down and greet the autumn...



A drink!


One of those rare gorgeous summer's late evenings of plus 19 degrees Celsius, I walk home past the neighbourhood bar with the strange name 'Poor Relations Grocery Store'. Its huge windows are wide open, and atmospheric sounds on heavy background are splashing out onto the street. People gather inside, some stretching their legs on the benches outside, and no one seems to be drunk, just pure chill vibes, so I decide to stop by. 

Inside, bright red walls are decorated in fragments of comics and stickers with white borders: NBA, Vinyl Below, Hamburgers, Mickey Mouse, Hippie Peace signs, Monkeys in 3D glasses, Ghostbusters, Simpson's Bart, Marilyn, Seattle Grunge, NASA, Rock'n'Roll, Rubik's Cube, Fancy Moustaches, Blur... you name it. On the stage there is white marble fireplace and a piano, ambient light against many mirrors, Mi Daza Stout, and Sunbeam1 password for WIFI. A few longish hair lads in D&D t-shirts and flip-flops, a few - in black leather coats; under the fake ferns and bamboo plants, beside 'The Universe' theme painted wall, in velvet armchairs, a group of ladies with bright coloured hair and braces, subtly cheering their glasses of red. By the bar - a guy in National Geographic shirt is browsing his Mac, a few cute old men in 'Valencia' hats,  and an American granny, I'd say in her eighties, still very lively though, is drinking Heineken. I land here, by the bar. I hear the old men are discussing 'Is there God at all?', so sounds like a slice of my pie.

A young man, bartender for a summer, comes straight down. I ask for a non-alcoholic cocktail, hoping he wouldn't mind. 

He says they don't do cocktails in here. But I don't accept this, I gently persist.

'You can mix anything you think would be nice: perhaps some not too sweet bubbles with juices, a slice of citrus to add; you may improvise! Please...' I spread charms.

I think he understand what I want; he nods his head once and leaves.

Happy I sit down on a tall chair and watch one lady's silver painted fingernails shine like diamonds under the ambient light while I wait for surprise.

Scene Two.

Ash(ley), the senior bartender, comes over and says they can't mix a cocktail for me. I ask Why Not, in my mind guessing is that something they cannot come up with because of lack of imagination (which I'd find hard to believe) or that is a mean No, which says 'Please give me a break, Miss. A No is a No. Just because.'

'I'd love to, but I can't', I feel like Ash reads my mind. 'We don't have a cocktail shaker you see.'

I find this odd.

'I know...' she cries.

'Fair enough' I lean back, 'So what kind of juices do you have?' the very first alternative comes to my mind.

'Orange, Cranberry, Apple'

'Pineapple?' I interrupt.

Ash hesitates, so she goes to double check.

No. I understand this from her facial expression before she even comes back.

'Maybe a sparkling drink? We have CocaCola, Tonic Water, Club Orange, Red Bull...' and all the rest from that sweetest pure white sugar of 29 spoons per can. Oh no no, thanks. 

'Tea?' I ask in a lower voice thinking she'll kill me perhaps. I never worked in a bar, but I'm pretty sure this request would annoy me in the middle of a night. But it's not busy, otherwise I wouldn't have asked.

'No problem!' she says.

'Really?' I look at her with guilty pup's eyes.

'Of course!' she reassures me, and I feel she is honest.

'I can make black tea with milk and ice, I'd say you'll like it', Ash drops this amazing offer and I almost clap my hands. But. Red alarm comes on in my head  to remind me I can't have that.

'This is where it gets complicated' I say to Ash, 'I'd wish to try nothing more right now, but I can't drink black tea. I am intolerant to particular foods at the moment, and black tea is one of them' I apologise.

'But you can drink herbal tea!' Ash almost jumps, and I think how wise is she!

'That's it, girl', I am so glad she understands what I'm talking about.

She goes away to check on teas, I wait.

Red Berry. Lemon and Ginger. Blackcurrant. Peppermint. Green Tea. 

'Green tea is not herbal tea, do you know?' I never miss a chance to educate young people (I am a former social educator, so please forgive me).

'Is it not?' she is surprised.

'Green and black tea comes from the same bush, just the leaves are picked at different times: young leaves become green tea, more mature ones become black. But where were we? Do you have Chamomile, by any chance?'



But neither of us gives up. I, the first time customer who likes it in here, wish to stay and to drink something. Ashley, an excellent business woman, wants me to stay never less, to have a drink that I like, enjoy the evening, and, hopefully, come back next time.

'Okay. I'll go for sparkling water with lemon and ice, and perhaps you have some kind of syrup?' I ask.

'Yes, we do' says Ash, and without going to check it out this time, she lists, in no particular order: Orange, Lime, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Pineapple, Mango, and other few.

'I can mix them for you', I hear the excitement in her voice and I appreciate that. Though yesterday I drank a non-alcoholic Mojito in some other lovely place here in Cork, but it was way too sweet for my liking. So I won't take a chance today, especially with pineapple and mango.

'Sparkling water, ice, a slice of lemon, 3 drops of raspberry syrup and 2 of lime' I draw the last line.

'Good choice!' Ash shows the thumbs up.

She goes away to make me a drink, I watch how magically under the ambient light five drops of syrup goes down the ice, colouring sparkling water in two different shades. How really important is to like what you do, I think for myself; someone who doesn't, perhaps have me cursed by now.

Full of delight I drift in my own little space, till one of the cute old men in 'Valencia' hat gets up from the chair ready to leave. He says Thanks and Goodbye to Ash in a sign language, and she respond in the same way, smiling, winking the eye, pointing index finger at him and then putting the fist to her heart. Looks so cool and funny and sweet at the same time. The old man pushes The Examiner toward me and says: 'Enjoy. And come again', in a sign language, as well. 

23rd of June, Midsummer's Festival in Cork.

I love this place, this drink, this music, this cute old man, this super girl, summer and all...



(...this is called a Promotional Writing.)


author unknown

author unknown


True blue

-unwaveringly loyal or faithful; staunch, unchangingly true.


I hear ya


'Hi Saule! Me like your photo and greeting. You positive and me joyful' - this morning I read Marina's from Russia postcard. 'I love Russian folk tales', tells me Marina, 'because much read their it's small sons'; meaning that one of the most popular motifs in traditional Russian fairy tales are three sons: one aka tall, one aka short, and a third one, which is always the youngest - a silly one. The youngest son constantly gets entangled into some sort of adventure, totally in opposite to his older brothers, who live comfortable but boring life. These fairy tales end up pretty much the same way - the youngest son gets the best slice of pie, also much bigger one than you'd think possible. ''I hope thee like it this card with picture from tale 'Go there - I do not know where, bring that, I do not know what.' This interesting fairy tale', reminds me Marina and adds: 'At us they say fairy tale lies in her hint - good smart people - lesson.' With best regards Marina sends me a heart. The postcard shows a silly son (very good looking young man) talking to a wise cat...

'I went to the church the other day, to listen to the mass and to light the candles for grandma and grandad. I sat there and prayed for them, for you, for myself, and for all our family; in my mind remembering everyone's names, I wished them good health and happiness', writes to me my mother. Unheard, lovely thing. 


I have a feeling lots of wonderful moments this autumn will bring...


If you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you. Is that a bargain?

-The Unicorn (Alice in Wonderland)


author unknown

author unknown



The basis of life is freedom. You're so free you can choose anything you want. You can choose bondage, but the basis of life is freedom. The result of life, which you can call purpose, is expansion. But what you came for is joy.


-Abraham Hicks