Spring 2014


An interlude--------



What is this I cannot outcry... ??

'An unforgiving attitude brings ceaseless damage. An unforgiving person is like a city whose traffic is completely congested. The roads are blocked, cars cannot move; they stand waiting, their engines running, spewing out exhaust fumes, poisoning the air. People are frustrated and immobilised; all communication stops. No one enjoys life...'

I am stuck in this traffic...

'One of the greatest mysteries of life is time. Everything that happens to us, happens to us in and through time. Time is a force that brings every new experience to the door of your heart. All that happens to you is controlled and determined by time. All around the human body is nothingness; that nothingness is the air element. There is no obvious, physical protection around your body, therefore anything can approach you at any time, from any direction. The clear empty air will not stop the arrows of destiny from lodging in your life. Life is incredibly contingent and unexpected...'  (John O'Donohue)


'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change...'  (Wayne Dyer)

'True generosity gives what the other person actually needs. It does not arise from the sense of guilt or indebtedness, or because the giver wants to create dependency or to show off. True generosity is a free gift; it generates freedom, and Love at its best...'

'You are constantly living on the edge of unknowing, called to make leap of faith. Take it, and you will be glad...'

by Brigita Stasun