Spring 2014


Every lost relationship breaks my heart..


It is very multidimensional and sad distance that you will have to walk through. It will take some time, because release has to be processed in all dimensions accordingly. It is a path of grieve; it has to be walked with patience, Love, and bottle of water in your bag-

-through the memories of what was found. Through the promises once vowed.

Through the hugs, which once was given. Through the joys increment.

Through the darkest lonely nights. Through the walls of sorrows.

Through the deepest lakes of anger and the states of 'no tomorrow'.

Through confusion, through the Ego, through the stormy sea-

to meet the wind, which meets you in the end and takes you to a place you want to be-

the meadows of honesty and new beginning- in painted in your fate- without me...


How much loyalty, without sincerity, is worth?


The dye is cast

The dice are rolled

I feel like shit

You look like gold

(Bernardo Bertolucci- 'Stealing Beauty')


by Brigita Stasun