Spring 2014


Surrounded by the philanthropists of literature I feel sooo good! Listing through children's poetry book, waiting for the first reading to begin. Here they come... I pull out my diary for a crime of collage- cannot help it, ah :)

From Breda--------


Through the Irish land

Before modern

Primrose the kitchen

And a scream in your throat

Fly paper

And my eyes, fixed on intimate history

I pick truth from chaos

Aware of when music stops

Angle of evening, pale light

Coiled with a chase

Smoothers my smile

Air between us diminished

Within- a puppet show


Leaking music

No splash

Fragrant with women's wisdom

Impure thoughts and deeds

Tales rigid

Only for you

Final cut

Bog ignorant Ireland! 

Maureen offers a canvas! And the dusts in a pocket...


Flip of a cigarette

Flashing green lights of a mobile phone

The chorus lifts itself to gospel

Everything is uploaded nowadays

Lonely planet!

Lights like six full moons-


The house is full of words-


To fit around us

Still life with bottles

(In my defence)

No regret is drawn to the surface

(I have couple of Love poems- yes, I can love)

How you ever Moon walked?

(She mentioned Depeche Mode...)


We dance small circles as we make breakfast...

Safe and sublime are called upon- Afrika...


Give phrase and line more time

Tomb of silence no more

All that jazz is quite suspicious

Summer unrolls like a sleeping mat- grey...

... diamonds and bodies... bodies and diamonds...

Prays for creativity

Forgive impatient hunger!

Tedium of the existence

... which wondered in the wilderness for forty years...

Where the sea is milky white barely distinguished from the early morning sky

Cash of sweetness

Sky gorgeous with stars

Invisible lurking

We all are cats! 



High bohemianism, professional commitment, remarkable dedication and serious kindness has my horizons broadened... 

by Brigita Stasun