Spring 2014


Where is your joys, honey bunny,

Why are you constantly sad?

Why does the sorrows of a day

Prevent you from the pleasures you can have?


'It is a shortage of time

And the issues at work;

Routine, on which I spend half my life,

And everything else- which is still not reworked...'


You make us laugh, beautiful flower,

When you start talking about a shortage of time.

Those issues at work- grows you taller

And routine- is your little cute lie...


Everything else should be matter of pleasure!

Living adversity should be an inspiration to you.

Look upon- chestnut trees are starting to bloom!

Love is the only one matter, which has to be reworked through...



In my homeland people say, that if you fall in love when chestnut trees blooms- it's forever... 

by Brigita Stasun