Spring 2014


I have been granted two weeks of rest! Thank you, doctor Aoibhinn, and Universe- thanking you!


I can go for a walk every day!

I'll do yoga, I'll meditate!

I'll sleep every morning until eight bells church will ring!

I'll read and I'll sing, I'll watch the rain and in a bathtub I'll sink!

I'll cook new dish every day and I'll go for a drive!

I'll watch every evening a movie and, maybe, I'll write!

I'll iron my summer dresses, I'll finish painting my Cork!

I'll dance, I'll go for a coffee with my friend and his dog...


So happy, relieved, I can breathe once again.! But first what I do- I kick off my heels, I put coffee on, I sit down and paint my nails in colour sky blue...

by Brigita Stasun