Spring 2014


Like towel absorbent I search for the Light, which is always besides...

Weak is my body. Weak is my mind. Blocked are my senses- no entrance for light...

I scattered myself in many ways lately. Feel empty, tired and sad within.


Power, sugar, bring the Power back in.

From the stars, from the Moon, from the sea, from a child, from a flower of spring, from sunshine in your heart, from all the Divine! Stay part of Heaven. Be part of the Earth. Remember- you growing. Bring the Power back in!

Feed yourself with the Light that around. Today more than ever you stand against shortcomings of a human world and your old-Self- looking into the channels of your dreamed life...

Get up from your knees! Stand strong. Inhale life's support. Open up to a new thought. Changes are here- stop running away.

All you need is to focus.

All you need- bring the Power back in.

by Brigita Stasun