Spring 2014


I laugh and I laugh, and I cannot stop laughing these days! I feel so happy and so free. I feel so light- I am healing. I walk the streets smiling. I am so full of Love, unreal!!

It's been so long since I have felt this way! It's been so long since I had morning coffee in town!

It's been a while since white feathers landed on the mindset 'go and get it'!

But today- I accepted the status quo. And blessings starts sparkle in daisies petals...


'When your inners changes, your outer has to change too.'


I am leaving my ten years long lasted job...

Marga, 2011

Marga, 2011

I spilled sugar by accident all over the kitchen table, chairs and floor! Laughter continues- the sweetest sugar is all over my core, ha!

by Brigita Stasun