Spring 2014


Today I get a strong sense that we all have our own realities we live to.

I get a strong sense that it is possible to live the life you dream of.

It is possible to be who you imagine and wish of being.


Invite your Creativity in! It will come and bring its pals along- Imagination and Possibility! Get to know them, play around and become good friends. They'll walk with you- in colour and in sound, in smell, in touch, in taste. They will help you to understand your likes and adopt the role you wish to play. They will help you to reach the life of dreams...

I took a Google tour today from our fundamental understanding of the world around- starting with an attempt to define reality and ending with an idea that whatever reality is, it isn't what it seems. Somebody defined the Universe as a computer- 'Everything what goes on in it can be explained in terms of information processing...'. So here we go- your own perspective of the World! The smell of roses does not exist without experiencing mind, wise people say...


The way I see reality- it is performance in a theatre. A stage production, as we speak. Specific setting, with story line created. With roles segmented, adopted, and acted out in unrehearsed situations. The king, princess, musketeer who hunts adventures; Queen's faithful servant, house helper, crazy scientist, mad wife, the priest in power, hottest lover, field worker or a joker- it is all us! You can adopt few roles- if you'll manage to cheat your heart and Soul. It is up to us, whatever choice we make- to laugh and dream up high, or more to struggle- to do the same hard way...

Remember always- there is few theatres in this town. And even more around. You pick the story you want to play; when bored, or tired, too lonely or betrayed- move to the next one and start again- it is ok! Many performances in life we meant to play...


'We are the dreamers inside the dream'. 


Consider that, do not be afraid, and off you go on stage!

'Do you have a second name?'- my new friend asks today.

'I have many names, darling, so I do. I am a fairy, I told you! I am not real. I am a fantasy of yours, just like you are mine- let's stay surreal!'

'Well played'- he says.

I laugh.

He doesn't believe me.

Or, maybe, he knows this game...


... i do not know. But I don't ask and I don't question. I let us be a little undecipherable, just like we promised and agreed. Let's always have a little mystery inside! Let's have a private sacred dream! Because it is attractive very much, I think... Because of that, we fall for each other at first thing...


Let's step onto the land of dreams...

Close your eyes. Imagine. Feeeeeeel.


Cork's vinyl dreams this time I choose, and cutely blink blink blink

Please, be my dream!  Briga Saulė, 2014

Please, be my dream! Briga Saulė, 2014

by Brigita Stasun