Summer 2014




Love will brake your heart

Doesn't matter what you do

Love will brake your heart

Sometimes you want it too


It was raining.


Here was he. With black beer in front of him. With black thoughts inside him. 

'Down the hill since then'- people said.


And here was her. Medusa. Wearing red, radiating hostility.

'Loose end'- the same people said.


Both were sitting in the same bar. Both were thinking what happened to the wings they had once. Both were hiding secrets you can't even tell for yourself...


The rain was never going to stop...


'The devil always knows the way'- people sang.


Both said yes- to share black beer and hopelessness. 

Good sex after? The one where you forget who you are? You wish.

Attempts were made bringing the old stands- Kim Wilde, U2- but nothing worked and God was thanked twice.

Both woke up in a spaceship. Ah. Maybe its morning glory or the memories from the night before...- adventures, experiences, commitments... 'Underachiever?'- has brought the alarm.

Combined questions and arrival to the middle age... Oxygen runs out and then you hit the wall.

Swallow the rage.


The rain was washing the illusions...


'Why do you RUN?'- people asked.


'Life is a game of poker'- he thought.

'Life is a game of patience'- for her.

Adventuring days... Maybe they were over for both. And, maybe, it is ok.


Love will brake your heart

Doesn't matter what you do

Love will brake your heart

Sometimes you want it too


'Between the egg, chicken and other metamorphoses simply no escape of being you'- was constantly thought. What are the implications of this being?

'We can drink'- he stated.


'In pairs always has to be a conflict'- she watched love movies.

'Change is possible'- blinked pay machine in a car park to surprise.


They were fighting for every detail. Starting with drink, proceeding with busking, ending with tear accompanied tantrums.

'They are not good with Love'- people whispered.


The rain was hanging in the air...


They both said yes. They got tied up. And lost their secrets.

It was the shortest night of the year. Midsummer...

They both looked happy.


'You are where you come from. But you go where you want to go. Just takes a while, you know...'


'God in Heaven cannot be found,

So we go down the old town...'- people sang.


The rain stopped.


'This ship is not going to set into sunset'- he said.

'Do you need a back singer'- she asked.


Late afternoon sun came out to make her look peach...

He was holding two ferry tickets to France.


'Fall in love my love again'- everyone clapped. 


Briga Saulė, 2011

Briga Saulė, 2011

Glass of Guinness and lazy cigarette beside the canal after.

Bag of crisps for the road.

Last sketches in the car.

Calender midsummer's night- fifteenth of July...  


(... first attempt to describe the event- summarised by me, taking all the phrases and cuts from the conversations in this play. Galway Youth Theatre & Galway Community Theatre runs 'Midsummer' all next week also.) 


Life is a challenge, meet it!

Life is a dream, realize it!

Life is a game, play it!

Life is Love, enjoy it!

(Sai Baba)

by Brigita Stasun