Summer 2014


I drive to Mayo dreaming my future. My life in Cork, in California, on an island of Greece... And everything feels so easily real I'll tell ya. Brand new white swan BMW 525 (the one I am going to drive in California, hehe) follows me all the way and does not overtake me, even that I slide sixty miles an hour to enjoy this journey as long as I can, as much as I am able to...

Sunflowers in pots! I will grow them in Greece :)

Travelling is what you missing, Sunshine. Even just to sit in a cafe you never been before.


'Glowing from the afternoon fun'- my friend is on a phone.

'So am I, Hun, so am I'- I smile telling him that I found a cafe where DM plays (Depeche Mode).

'Dean Martin?'- he teases me and makes me laugh thinking that Dean Martin at Vivaldi cafe- cliché I could expand, hehe...


Welcome to Paradise!  Briga Saulė, 2014

Welcome to Paradise! Briga Saulė, 2014

I watched the documentary some time ago about religious cults in Ireland. About 'House of Prayer' (officially- Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Ltd). Ltd like, believe it or not. It is based in the village of Achill (besides three of them in USA and one in Mexico) so I stop by to have a look.


'What a strange energy. Heavy, locked and something else I don't grasp just yet. Two men chant prayers in an empty 'church' and start singing in amazingly polished voices after... It is very interesting to see Virgin Mary in the centre of the 'church'- house of prayer- to be more accurate. I sit here in front of Mary's portrait, which is pictured crying bloody tears (!) and get attracted to the white sun shining in a place of her heart. White roses underneath her breasts hypnotising my psychedelic mind and 'five minutes before death' Jesus's bust under glass cone bit freaks me out about some illusion not familiar. It is almost two dozen Virgin Mary's between the statues and the portraits (one of them is a statue of her with an angel wings and a sword in her hand, how interesting...) and they all look at me asking what exactly my purpose here is. But sexy Jesus (very sexy, wayyy tooo sexy) in a golden frame kind of invites me to stay longer, hehe... I wish I could take a picture to show you, but strictly no recording equipment allowed. I turn my head around- hidden cameras are everywhere, hmmm... Confusion is present here- now I get the main energy. And at that very moment something inside me starts giggling; 'this is a joke!' tells me my mind and I understand that I will have to go, because I am afraid I will start laughing loud again (why do I have this tendency to burst into laugh in not appropriate places at not appropriate time?). Those two men are watching me with an eagle eye and polite faces... I do not want to insult their faith in any way, and even that all fun/not so fun just starting- people started to come in and kneel kissing some big book underneath the bloody tear' Mary- I have to leave, pity.

Something is very strange about this place. And those two men are protecting this strangeness...' 

My friend fishes mackerels in a full moonlight. I watch live painting... We drink whiskey and tea, eat almond cookies and talk about past. We laugh at the silliest mistakes that we've made back then and share those special moments which educated us to handle rejection, loneliness tricks and sweetest orgasms. Super Moon charms...


Super Moon . Briga Saulė, 2014

Super Moon. Briga Saulė, 2014

by Brigita Stasun