Winter 2013/14


From the blue. Through the blue. Into the infinite blue... In a form of tear. Of a waterfall spring. Of an ocean wave... For the purpose of purification. Of your Soul eternal... So gentle and with the biggest strength at the same time...  --------Into the Divinity. Once again--------  I am the golden Buddha. Sitting crossed legged on the top of the highest mountain. Watching the entire World... The Power I hold. I can split the clouds in the grey sky and kite up the Sun... I can colour the snowflakes... I can rain pink hearts... I am an expanded Consciousness. I am an Absolute. I transmit the energy... I come from Love. I channel the Light. And I send it to you all... I put the heart in child's hand... I bless the old... I walk through the temples of naked honesty into the theatre of fluent intimacy... I am big of Love. And I sit on top of the highest mountain... Recharging the Earth...



by Brigita Stasun