Winter 2013/14


Big space is around me. Never experienced feeling before of the  b i g  b i g  s p a c e... Have I created this space? To be filled with something new, just as big? I am waiting for it to hit me... Surprisingly- I am not in a hurry. And I do not think about it too much. I know it can be  a n y t h i n g... My energy levels are too low today for a  b i g  guessing game of what's coming towards my way... So I just spread myself into that  b i g  b i g  s p a c e  and enjoying the sensation of the smallest details of the  b i g g e s t  world... I concentrate this energy around myself, leaving all the external factors aside. I am not up for putting things into 'their own places' right now. I have a feeling that all things cannot be in the 'right' places all the time... And that is ok with me- an occasional control freak- today... It is not that important, really. Maybe things are in their 'right' places just where they are... I surrender control... You do not swirl things around in the  b i g  s p a c e... You do not disturb its majestic stillness. And a sense of its size... You just watch for the rising Sun... And laugh when it hits you... 



Mysterious inner place

Weird and wonderful people

Space spins into perfect places

Illusions fade away

The sea of space

Illustrating the narrative


by Brigita Stasun