Winter 2013/14


My Thursday's bakery caffe routine comes to an end... Cakes will not seduce my mind any more, hehehe, well, at least not in here! Those good endings are always so gentle and so empty... They blink in green lights and green tea... green feeling of the green ending... Strange feel of, maybe, a little too early- arrival of spring... Or, maybe, another beginnings- which are very rapid this year- it overtakes everyone and everything. In the green valley of green senses I accelerate... let's go- to the promised  Y E L L O W   W O R L D...

Milky Way- not far away!!

Briga Saulė, 2010

Briga Saulė, 2010

Will you touch my Soul today, the sweetest boy?

You never did. I understand, my darling. I understand that you are not able for this. I feel and even see your fear. Under those umbrellas of the good old West :)

I kiss the scars in my heart. I hug myself in pain. Today- I am at your funeral... Today- is such a beautiful day!

I am glad it is real- after all. I am glad I have faced the Truth. I am glad it sets me free...

I pray for the rain. I pray for it to wash this parting wrench away... I pray for healing on this winter's day. I pray for an empty space and a new canvas... I am ready to start mixing new paints... Today is all I do- I pray...


Just say a word

To set us free

To touch the Truth

Which leads uphill

Just say a word

To bless that step

Which takes us forward

Towards blue sky

And sunshine in the rain


Rest in Peace, my darling...

I have to leave--------

No strings attached.  Tomas Terekas, 2011

No strings attached. Tomas Terekas, 2011

What an alluring discontented content...

... would be today's cliché!

Vodafone's messages (instead of someone's long awaited) cheers me up- for a change!

Oh, look- gentle rain!! I tip along with it- uphill...

by Brigita Stasun