Winter 2013/14


Galway is drowning in a rain mist. I am drowning in a fortune of sugar :) In my little black dress, besides the grand piano... Feeling of freedom, comfort and wealth. My mind is misting through Radisson's world of leather into the Salt Cave... Wet beauty of Lough Atalia infuses feeling of perfect- moment, day, life, me. Nice and easy. Just like it is lately. ALL GOOD.

So I laugh. To feel even better. Laugh is like a colour on a canvas of blue hues... Yes, yes- the one my writer colleague talked about! The one from the Sea about the Sea into the Sea...

'Laugh would be a substitute to butterflies. In a winter time'- occurs to me.

Getting even mistier. Ah! Galways turns white... I smile. Friday...



(... one of those 'balmy' afternoons- trippy like Nirvana, hehehe)

Briga Saulė, 2011

Briga Saulė, 2011

by Brigita Stasun