Winter 2013/14


Sunshine, you get so caught up in your own controversies- you forgetting to watch the beauty around you!!!

The sea is emerald green today. And mountains are dark blue. Wind surfers are here! Are you ready for a show??

Rain smells lemon lavender today (air freshener- double in a pack of single- coincidence?)- to mark my existence somewhere in between winter and spring. My present still feel overstimulated by the last week's business adventures, boxes of nicotine and tones of sugar. I am so heavy I cannot fly... All what is left to do is to watch others fly. Look at them! Look at this extremes! Oh my dear Gods- they are  a m a z i n g !!

More and more of those who cannot fly are coming to the show... My hand starts itching. My heart starts smiling. My eyes are opening to the wonders of an ordinary day again... I thank wind hero for the performance. His face looks familiar- strange... Someday I will try this game also. Someday would not be that far away. To fly is my goal. In every way.

All is allowed. All is in my pocket!


Navigating a sight

Through below and under.

Surfing a sense

Of the flight in between.

All that it is-

An ocean eternal-

Of lost and found

In the pockets

of an ordinary




Marga, 2010

Marga, 2010

Wind hero is, actually, from my work place!! You can laugh and laugh, and laugh at that tricky gentle madness of our human world...

I see two hearts, hanging in a pharmacy's window across the street. I look at my phone- wind hero is on my screensaver!! Ah ha ha ha haaaaaaa... Thank you, Universe, thank you for redeeming me joys of 'things that cannot happen, but it does'... 

by Brigita Stasun