Winter 2013/14


And once again- you walk the road- familiar, but unpredictable. So long and just a moment short. So bendy and so straight. The road well travelled. That is why deep within it always feels pretty comfortable. So just keep walking... To never end. And do not be afraid. Of all those happy endings which is going to happen on the way. Because the only thing that ends- it's just this moment. To give a birth to another one- with many different possibilities attached. For you to choose the ones you like to take on board. So take an advantage of your courage- explore to discover what you want...

'Stay here. With us'- I hear the sound of wind. I cannot think. But I can feel- I am one of 'us'.

We all walk those roads. Together. Over and over again... That is why it feels so familiar. Just every time we carry on with a different mission. That is why it feels so unpredictable. Remember the comfortable part though! And just keep walking... Being kind, curious and happy.


p.s. And yes- you are a writer, Sunshine!

(... from the Labyrinth- with Christmas greetings...)

Vytukas, 2011

Vytukas, 2011

Christmas pudding with strawberries and Yogy tea- that is what happens when you mix your nationalities every single lifetime, hehehe.

The perfection of imperfect day! 


'Life is all about a dream...'


-------- Happy Christmas, dearest! --------

by Brigita Stasun