Winter 2013/14


My beautiful flower. Cigarettes are upsetting you.

There are no cosy coffee shops in Malow. There are only grands like 'Costa'. So with no other choice present, I come inside to look for a seat to filter that 'factory' coffee (with no charisma attached). I am in such inner place, when I do not know- is it everything ok or not that much so. My thoughts are swirling emptiness inside guessing how to fulfil it- if cigarettes are not an option any more... I struggle with two things in life- addictions and the ego (which is the same addiction, really- if you think about it deeper). But David (yeah, still the same hero of mine) steps in here also... I am like his partner in crime- if you can do it, I can do it too! Weird my supports (and triggers) sometimes... But whatever works, I guess, right?

Rain is kissing the Earth... I observe it, I look for a difference and I find it- rain of the South is not that eccentric as the rain of the West...

I amaze myself with my ability to keep the Faith... I just wish I would have a stronger drives sometimes...

I wonder what this feeling of emptiness will bring me... Am I ready for a bigger challenge this time?

When I close my eyes- I am in a green world... Sunshine comes up... And ravels starts tickling my mind...


'Dreams are north for everyone; if they come true then you've got to head south.' (Albert Espinosa)


Cork city is on the menu tonight!

Briga Saulė, 2013

Briga Saulė, 2013

'The Pavilion', ha! Just for me- today's specials- modern old school- love it!!

I watch people around. Everybody tells each other their own winter tales. Australian Shiraz tells me his... Gothic styled Christmas trees, their sparkly purple eyes, the wall with starry night and all the other sights of lights... Big city internals offers its privileges to the country side iexternals, hehe- I am here that little external from the West of Ireland- in my Bambi jumper, hehehe. Cheers to Christmas once again!


Hotel TV experience- 'Brigid Jones Diary'- alright, hehehe- I cannot stop giggling tonight!

Everything is constantly moving... And we are like those planets in planetarium I have visited today (I visit every single planetarium which comes my way)- constantly moving towards each other, around one another and in between... Hmmm... Am I experiencing relativity theory in spiritual concept? It is yes to mine, up to date knowledge, anyway :)

So I look up to the stars... Because every star is a Soul... And one of them- is yours, my Love. Maybe still further by... But I sense it- in tuned...

Vytukas, 2011

Vytukas, 2011

H a v e   I   s e e n   y o u   t o d a y ,  m y   d a r l i n g??

I chose to visit an Opera House. Some local artists are launching their very first music album tonight. Perfect! It means all brothers and sisters, parents and cousins, friends, neighbours and lovers- all will be there to see them perform! Let's get high on collective conciousness vibes!!

Indie rock- of course, hehehe, that is fine... I stay with my old opinion about an indie rock music- vocals- that what is wrong here. Or, maybe, it is not wrong. It's just not for here, hehehe (no offence!).

Cellos are out! Somebody starts listing book full of notes... I love what I see! World of music is very close planet to me...

And just as I expected- all present- mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters and lovers... Honesty, warmth, brotherhood, pleasure, satisfaction, every sort of bluuuue-ish emotional entities, intimacy, simplicity and freedom. Delicious Jagermaster and famous Cork accent! All the beauty... extracted into details... for... more... beauty... to be born... to elevate you... further and higher... all the way up to the stars... or deeper and darker...- you choose- the same high!!


'Sometimes you grow taller. Sometimes you grow smaller.' (Alice in Wonderland)


But always in beauty!  A L W A Y S.  And, please, Gods- in Love... :)

Briga Saulė, 2013

Briga Saulė, 2013

Random acts of happiness- welcome!

I think I might be falling in love with this city... Bizarre feeling of being in Vilnius (Lithuania's capital city) I so much love... Maybe I should move here... Leaving Galway behind- just another piece of my thirteen years long lasted past...


Sunday mass in Latin! What a delight to my ear!! They bring Benediction with them as they come- today's super specials for me!! 'Adoramus Benedicta'- I learn Latin quick, hehehe.

I get stoned from a smell of Vetiver every single time... I sit just to breath. Five earthly senses joins one orbit right now (I am in sin- I have a mint in my mouth!). The moment of holy- elevates me to fullness of content, gladness without alloy, and the perfect bliss...



(I take some homework with me- to study the meaning of the Holy Rosary, the seven deadly (!!) sins, sins against the Holy Ghost and offered subjects for daily meditation- to understand Catholicism better and to find its links with Spirituality- should be fun!)

Goodbye for now- Cork and elves, I will be back to visit you in spring...

by Brigita Stasun