Winter 2013/14


After a very stormy night- the beach looks like it was hosting a battle... So, maybe, it was the sea, who windfall that board of the chess?..

I watch dogs, timidly walking through a sea weed today... I watch fearless children. My being is quietly sinking into the details of a new dream--------


'My Love, please, do not be afraid... Allow all this to carry us away... On the wings of lucidity. Through the senses of purity. Into the temples of detailed intimacy. Please... Give me your hand... Do not let me float in a new old no more...


The fog is lifting

The sky subsides

Clearing the air

Fear resigns


Do you hear me, my darling? An echo of Love, from the emotional landscape- do you, my Love...


Give me the smallest detail

From your essential existence

Allow me the tiniest glimpse

Into the palm of your Soul

I dream your name

On this blue day

I feel your dreams

I read the parallel--------

Love lives

Under an umbrella of fear.

Which is useful, I guess,

For a life in the West.


Even that I never had one...


(... maybe one day you will thank me for knowing exactly :)


'Whatever you are and whatever you do- be in love.' (Rumi)


Briga Saulė, 2011

Briga Saulė, 2011

by Brigita Stasun