Winter 2013/14


It is your life, my precious girl- quiet and noisy, sparkly and calm, simple and exclusive, happy and sad; colourful, plain black, purest of white or screaming red- your life... It swirls as roller-coaster, it settles on the beach sand... It is wonderful in every way. And it sparkles more with each smile that you make. It greets you double every time you greet yourself. And it directs Love towards you- open your palm- for another white feather to fall in, until you lose their count... Everything can spark Christmas every minute of your life! You can travel through time and space- you can be anywhere you wish at any time- in every single bead of your amazing pearls... You know that; just close your eyes... Open up and accept Christmas blessings from the skies...

'You gorgeous as usual'- my colleague passes me by...

Adomas Trakumas, 2011

Adomas Trakumas, 2011

You are Love, sweet cheeks, you are pure sparkly red white black colourful Love!

Stay Sun and enjoy- all of it! It is a space in your heart for everything and everyone.

by Brigita Stasun