Winter 2014/15


In white feathers painted is the sky. My steps brake cobwebs so fragile to make a pathway towards the Dolmen, ah spiders, I apologise! In search of magic and peace of mind, I follow sinking sun into the valley far away. On a mountain I stand, unconscious mind is glamour by the twilight... In the circle of stones magic follows. I standstill and glow, watching the clouds shifting sideways, experiencing being part of their direction control... I am in tuned with majestic. In touch with the Soul. Embodied in natural positive force. Grounded in universal laws.

Please, let's stay here a while. I want to feel part of two worlds entwined in eternal. Please, let's stay here a while. I just want to be sure... I am a power. Regular human being. Grand Love.

Please, let me evolve.

Relax into the changes. There is no such a thing as permanent sense of happiness. When you recognise it, you begin healing from suffering. Broaden your definition of what we need in order to be happy. Balance allows you to live in a present moment and trust that your acceptance will clear the mist of confusion and distractions, and show the way to move forward into happiness again.

Paradox of change- until you accept what is, you cannot move into what might be.


(... remembering resent past.)


Adomas Trakumas, 2009

Adomas Trakumas, 2009

by Brigita Stasun