Winter 2014/15


Rooms with a View


It comes times, when I am able to suspend the precious time ever moving into the moment of intense joy to take it in, fully. The word, the expression of eyes, the feeling about I tend to experience so intimately close and so to memorise. How good it is to be here and now for everything and everybody around; how easy, natural and very special is to create a bond with other human being (which refers to commitment, in my eyes) in its most delicate forms. How easy is to let you go after, knowing that nothing can be lost (so there is no need for attachment based on the fear of loss).

All is here. In your heart and in your mind all is forever Love.


You leave, I stay. Sunday sun is so generous, church bell ringing midday; Christmas feels in the air and the pockets are full of honesty, kindness, compassion, beauty hand made.

We all are at Home. 


In our place, our skin

Earth inside


We belong



(... thank you for a visit, my dear girls.)


The Sisters . Aistė L, 2010

The Sisters. Aistė L, 2010

by Brigita Stasun