Winter 2014/15


First Christmas bell rings from my colleague Liam O'Caoimh, smile!



My Dog Thinks She's Christmas


I've been monitoring my dog for weeks now and she's very very clever. She doesn't let on that she can see me watching her. But she knows. Ever since I discovered her secret, she's been playing it cool.

To the untrained eye she's just an average dog. But I know. And she knows I know. I know that my dog thinks she's Christmas.

She thinks differently to people. We know that Christmas starts sometime in December when the tree and decorations go up. Some shops in town have started doing this sooner than that, but Christmas really only starts in December. We share time and gifts with family and friends and we settle into an end of year recharge.

But my dog thinks that Christmas is something else. I watch her and I can see it.

She sits in front of the fire and the Christmas tree lights twinkle in her eyes. She watches us as we prepare for Christmas day. All the while she's waiting for us to leave, to go to bed for the night so she can do her thing.

She's a smart dog.  She waits until we fallen asleep. I snuck down to the living room one evening, I pretended to Mum that I left my phone there, and I quietly opened the door to catch her. She looked up at me from her bed. No reaction at all. She followed me with her eyes, not even lifting her head. She knew I was coming.

I haven't gotten the proof yet and I don't want to confront her on it until I do. But I'll get it soon, hopefully before the new year. Until then I'll be watching her.

But I know that when we leave her alone at night or especially during the day when the house is empty, she changes.

She struts around the kitchen with her tinsel mask and cape, flashing lights around her collar. She bounds through the rooms, fighting the enemies of the season, making whoosing noises to enhance the effect.

She battles evil elves and thwarts gruesome grinches. She fights for the cause and standing over her defeated foe she declares in a guff voice.

'I'm Christmas.'




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