Winter 2014/15


For You the Bells Toll


I keep thinking these days about how different we all are and how differently we perceive life. Because of our different culture (my favourite word!) family structure, intellectual and mental background, our connectedness to the land, to the people and to God itself; because of different experiences on a life's road mapped, our mission to be carried, and because because because we are in a different stages of reaching out for Love. I keep watching myself and all of you around. I keep seeing how we relate to one another here and back there, how we react, respond; how we get high and how long it takes us to rise from low. I keep noticing that culture, family structure and experiences lived in our eyes; and I keep noticing the Light, which gleams through the cracks we talked about the other time.  Please, be aware that that Light is a part of your inheritance, it is always within you and it always shines. Try to open your eyes on the dark night of the Soul when it occurs, and you'll see it. It will tickle your eye, glow in your hair and play in between your fingers. It will draw holy symbol around your heart, it will keep that culture, family structure a little behind. It will activate connectedness with purest thought and magic of your being; it will install protection all over you, sacred sense of what's Truth and a possibility of dream can come through... Stay with those precious senses, enjoy being beloved Universe's child; bath yourself in this goodness the highest, inhale Light That You Are... Let it spread everywhere, let it light all the dark tunnels that in your mind, let it illuminate toxic energy of fear and doubt. Let it take you by surprise to the place where gravity changes, where physical laws no longer apply. Let it bring you back in time, right to the very start of You Most Wonderful Creation; allow yourself to understand why you are who you are, and that you always do your best with an understanding and resources that you hold at that time. Accept culture, family chosen and experiences which always complement your growth. Accept yourSelf to grow tall...

Stay with this thought. Sense the true life. Start creating your journey in a 'different light!'


When you'll have warm cosy minute, think again about how different we all are because of where we are coming from. Think how easy is to accept others when you hold wisdom of Understanding and Light in your heart. Feel how good it feels not to judge or to blame after all. How natural is to forgive and let it go. Feel freedom that nests inside... Even more space for the Light! And all the Christmas magic, of course! Isn't that what you've been waiting for? Take it, it's yours!






I am walking home after 'It's a Wonderful Life' (1964) movie with tear of joy in my eyes. I pass by the food stall where people of Cork cook for homeless people every day this week. Night is so still, not a single branch on a tree moves. Lights twinkle to the music of silence. Skies opens up and Peace lands

          I see content in stranger's eyes


Ah, Cork in love glows...


Happy Christmas, you honey scented Souls!


Briga Saulė, 2014

Briga Saulė, 2014

I am taking week's HolyDays, boys and girls! I am going to Galway...


by Brigita Stasun