Winter 2014/15


Lamb of God


Last morning in the office and shopping for local cheeses in English Market after. I feed my apple to the goat people have on a street to remind animal lovers to support their charity. She stands over the boarder of a cage begging for that apple of mine, impatiently pulling it out from my mouth. Goat is so healthy and white... Passing by people stop, smile at the scenery, some pictures are taken, of course. 'Isn't she liovely' elderly lady stops for a chat. 'She will eat your clothes from the line' another one adds. We all adore this cute goat for a while, great craic. Then I go into crazy state of hugging her, wrapping my hands all around. What a risk but pleasure to connect with animals never knowing of their response. But this goat is not scared, thanks God, she sniffs my face making sure no more apple on my lips left and so we say goodbye, wishing each other prosperous new Apple year, hehehe

Da best city coffee for me afterwards! 'Isn't this liovely' still echoes my ears. I adore sweet madness of Cork...



Chocolate covered cherries are in my basket

I embark towards lights of the village on seashore

          I used to walk once in moonlight...



one more Lamb of God :) Thailand by Artūras, 2008

one more Lamb of God :) Thailand by Artūras, 2008

by Brigita Stasun