Winter 2014/15


Classic Magnificent


On the second day of Christmas I watch a game of Manchester United in an open pub. Regularity of the days of little old town, Christmas like never happened. One part of me is trying to convince me 'it's all so nice' and another part shouts to 'get out of here right now'. I smile trying to figure out which is my Soul's voice and which is the Ego sound. Anyway, I accept the time waited, I watch Manchester United game drinking cup'o'tea thinking that I will never buy return bus ticket in advance, hehehe

Galway feels (unexpectedly) like Christmas at family home, from which many people can't wait to get out. How interesting it goes. Such a short time required to feel how disconnected you've become, how your perspective change the feeling that about. I am glad in a way that my sense of attachment no more, new family found, new grounds await, new foundation to be laid and so on. And the past is the past and that's all. You been there, done that. Time to forever move on?

'Oh, yes, big time' in support is my friend I have met accidentally in town. The bridges are burned? So quick? 'What the...' is exchanged to 'Isn't this liovely' from now on? Hard to believe.

I'll stay with it so.


Briga Saulė, 2014

Briga Saulė, 2014

by Brigita Stasun