Winter 2014/15


----------part one----------


'Despise me if I am not!'

'You have lost half of your Soul!'

Consent, charm, kindness

She wished for what?


Follow the life force, courtesy

Devil being offended


'Oh, my Souls joy,

Make the music as honest as I am!'


Fantastical lies

Second choice



Provoke his noble nature

Practice peace and quiet, even to madness

Pleasure of proclaim



Some Souls will be saved, some not


Dies upon the notion

Your reputation

Blowing trust


Makes you despise yourself

Turns virtue into pitch


Sorry for your displeasure...



----------part two----------



Wonder is the Soul

Pretty no more

'Whatever you be, I am obedient'


Suspicion in your thought

My heart is in your hand

Changes of the Moon

Bound forever


Nothing but pleased fantasy

Changes to poison

Farewell eternal Soul

Doubt upon



Love is an offence?

Pride, living reason

Too busy in your fears

Heaven weep



This was a dream!

Bloody business

Spiritual hunt

You may exist





When justice pleases

Red painted passion

Stream of patience

From my current runs


All shall be well


Picking bad from bad, no passage

Choose the stars





(... collage from Shakespeare's 'Otello'.)


' Long ago These Lovers fled away ' by Harry Clarke (Pensil, Watercolour) Briga Saulė, 2014

'Long ago These Lovers fled away' by Harry Clarke (Pensil, Watercolour) Briga Saulė, 2014

by Brigita Stasun